ICE Tab Technology

KECO’s Unique ICE Tab Technology

ICE Hail TabsKECO relies on its fifty years of plastics molding to develop and fabricate the absolute highest quality parts and tools for the PDR industry. Our engineers were tasked with creating a material that would generate the strength and consistency demanded by PDR technicians. They responded with the ICE family of tabs. The ICE Tab material is a proprietary formula that we think generates higher strength “pulls” and more of them! We’ve also found that adhesive tends to stick better to the material, which also contributes to stronger and more consistent usage.

ICE tabs are the most rigid of all our tabs, while the winged style provides a little more flex. KECO’s original tabs provide the most flex.


Did you know… We also sell ICE Super Tabs, and ICE Centipede Crease Tabs.

Coupled with high strength PDR glue, you won’t believe the strength of these extreme body tabs!

ICE Centipede Crease Tab- Rigid Thin

ICE Centipede Crease Tab- Rigid Thin, 25 mm

ICE Centipede Crease Tab - Flex Thick, 12.5 mm

ICE Centipede Crease Tab – Flex Thick, 12.5 mm

ICE Centipede Crease Tab - Rigid Thick, 12.5 mm

ICE Centipede Crease Tab – Rigid Thick, 12.5 mm







ICE Super Tab

ICE Super Tab 2″ X 3″

ICE Super Tab

ICE Super Tab 2″ X 4″

ICE Super Tab Technology

ICE Super Tab 3″ X 4″

K-Bar is a Game Changer

Finally there is an easier, quicker way to approach huge dents in vehicles. The answer is the new K-Bar by KECO.

This heavy duty dent pulling tool made from extruded aluminum with a 30º pivoting base pad, sliding saddle and easy grip lock, allows the dent tech to easily and quickly attach a variety of different larger tabs (Super Tabs, or Centipede Crease Tabs) to the sliding saddle. The tech can move the K-Bar around and slide the saddle into the perfect position. The K-Bar allows for powerful leverage angles enabling the tech to make major headway on a large, deep dent. The K-Bar is changing the PDR game by quickly bringing tech’s to the finishing stages of the repair, where the real artistry happens.

The K-Bar comes with the following four adapters:

Slide Hammer Adapter and Super Tab Adapter

Slide Hammer Adapter and Super Tab Adapter

Centipede adapters for the KBar pulling system by Keco

Centipede adapters for the K-Bar pulling system by Keco

Slide Hammer adapter (attached to K-Bar), Super Tab adapter, 100mm Centipede Crease Tab adapter, 50mm Centipede Crease Tab adapter, and 25mm Centipede Crease Tab adapter. The UBolt Adapter (sold separately) is also available and is great for ratcheting options hooked to a rope or chain.

K-Bar Kits are also a good option for the dent tech who may want more tabs to experiment with. Kits include the K-Bar Centipede System, K-Bar Super Tab SystemK-Bar Body Repair Kit and the K-Bar Deluxe Body Repair Kit. Add one of these to your arsenal today. You will be glad you did!


“Collision Use: This purchase was well worth the money. I used it on a panel that did require body and paint work. Using this system plus the mega tabs I purchased, I completed the job in half the time.
I would recommend this system any day!” – Oliver M.

“Freaken’ Amazing” – Derek R.


K-Bar Feature