K-Pod attachement for K-Bar
K-Pod attaches to K-Bar


Part Number: 410-8350

K-Pod for K-Bar

  • Attaches to groove in K-Bar
  • Turns K-Bar into a Bridge
  • Gives dent tech’s a hands-free opportunity
  • Tech’s can maintain pulling pressure while slapping down crowns
  • Same soft pad prevents scuffing paint

Product Description


The K-Pod attaches easily and quickly into the groove on the K-Bar to transform the K-Bar into a bridge, adding even more functionality to the K-Bar. Once the K-Pod attachment is on the K-Bar, it can easily be moved and adjusted along the groove in the K-Bar to accommodate various dent sizes, body lines and contours. When the K-Pod is in place and dent pulling has begun, the tech can maintain hands-free pressure on the dent allowing the tech to evaluate the dent, adjust lighting or slap down crowns.


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 10 in