PDR K-Bar Body Repair Kit

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Part Number: 410-8099-KBR

PDR K-Bar Body Repair Kit

  • Heavy Duty Bag
  • K-Bar & Adapters (5)
  • Glue Gun with Green Glue
  • Super Tab Variety Packs (ICE and Original)
  • Two 12.5 mm Centipede Crease Tabs


Product Description

PDR K-Bar Body Repair Kit

PDR K-Bar Body Repair Kit includes a heavy duty bag, K-Bar with 5 adapters, Super Tab –ICE and original variety packs (12 total), two 12.5 mm Centipede Crease Tabs, glue gun, and green glue. The PDR K-Bar Body Repair Kit is essential for large body dent repair. The K-Bar provides incredible leverage and power Dent Tech’s need to tackle larger dents. Coupled with heavy duty large body Super Tabs, Centipede Crease Tabs, cactus green PDR glue, glue gun and heavy duty bag, Dent Tech’s will be able to pull the most difficult dents from virtually all metals used in vehicles. The K-Bar is manufactured with a high strength composition, a sliding saddle (angling up to 60º and sliding 15.5″), pivoting foot pad (pivots over 210º), and comfort grip.


Additional Information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 10 x 4 in