PDR K-Bar Deluxe Body Repair Kit

K-Beam Bridge Lifter with 4 adapters for large body repair.KBar with adaptersRobo Lifter by KECO TabsPDR Slide Hammer-5lbPDR Glue Gun12.5 mm Centipede Crease Tab Rigid Thick12.5 mm Centipede Crease Tab Flex Thick25 mm Centipede Crease Tab Rigid ThickCentipede Crease Tab - 25mm Flex ThickSuper Tabs Variety Pack by Keco TabsSuper Tabs ICE Variety Pack by Keco TabsHeavy Duty Tabs Variety Pack by KECO TabsDent Tab Variety PackFIRE Knockdown KitICE Knockdown 2.5 mmICE Knockdown 4 mmICE Knockdown 6 mmGreen Glue for Paintless Dent RepairPDR Glue Sticks Gray Tab Weld


Part Number: 410-8099-KDBR

PDR K-Bar Deluxe Body Repair Kit

  • K-Beam & Adapters (4) plus U-Bolt
  • K-Bar & Adapters (4)
  • Centipede Crease Tabs
  • Glue Gun with Green Glue (3 packs) and Gray (1 pack-TabWeld) Glue
  • Super Tab & Heavy Duty Variety Packs (16 total)
  • 12 oz Slide Hammer
  • Knockdown Kit with FIRE, ICE & Root Beer
  • Black ICE VP
  • Robo Lifter
  • JVF Blending Hammer
  • Original VP Tabs
  • Red and Blue Crown Slappers


Product Description

PDR K-Bar Deluxe Body Repair Kit

PDR K-Bar Deluxe Body Repair Kit includes the K-Bar (with 4 adapters), K-Beam Bridge Lifter (with 4 adapters) & U-Bolt, Robo Lifter, Auto Trim Molding Kit, Super Tab –ICE and original variety packs (12 total), JVF Blending Hammer, Red & Blue Crown Slappers, Auto Trim Molding Tool Set, 4 Centipede Crease Tabs with new smooth series, Heavy Duty Tabs variety pack, 12 oz slide hammer, FIRE knockdown kit, 6mm, 4mm & 2.5mm ICE knockdowns & root beer tips, variable temperature glue gun, 3 cactus green glue packs and 1 Tab Weld gray glue pack. This kit is the perfect solution for any large body repair.


Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 12 x 12 in