KECO Heavy Duty Ice Variety Pack Smooth Glue Tabs

SKU: 410-8096-IS
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  • Thicker neck -
  • Smooth face - allows glue to adhear more intensely for the strongest possible pull
  • Ice Material - extremely strong and rigid formula allows for incredible pull strength and maximum energy transfer

Thicker and stronger heavy duty tab design. Now comes in ICE smooth surface! Four tabs included in the variety pack. 28mm, 38mm, 47mm, & oval.


Purchase includes

KECO HD Super Body Tabs

For deeper dent and body repair, KECO offers two lines of heavier duty tabs, each available in a unique threaded nut “stafast” system designed to provide a solid, positive lock between the tab base and the lifting mechanism. The threaded bolt can be used with most lifting systems and slide hammers. An eyebolt alternative is also available. The KECO Super Tab system provides a step up in size and strength.With 6 different sizes and shapes, the Super Tab system can be used to pull a wide variety of the deeper, more complex dents. These extremely heavy duty tabs take dent pulling and body work to the next level. Proportionately stronger that the other tabs, the Super Tabs fill a valuable spot in the arsenal of every PDR technician.

KECO Body Repair Products

KECO Body Repair Products manufactures a large range of high quality, innovative PDR tools. The company is based in Oklahoma City, and has team members around the world that are working hard to create new tools for the PDR and Collision industries. KECO Body Repair Products' team is committed to customer satisfaction. KECO brand products are backed with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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