Pull to Paint

Review the 6 Cs of Pull to Paint

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1 Clean

  • Thoroughly clean panel with Keystone CRS (Cleaning Release Solution)
  • Use wax stripper degreaser when required for wax, tar, grease, etc..
  • Polish very dirty panel to allow visibility & improve adhesion.
  • Clean again with CRS after degreaser or polish.
  • Clean Tabs with CRS.

2 Check

  • Type & Extent of Damage (Use Light!)
  • Material of panel; Steel, HSS, Aluminum
  • Panel Temp. – 75-80F Optimum
  • Glue Temp. – High, Smoking Hot
  • Glue should be hot enough to drip easily (Be careful!)
  • Corded glue gun has the greatest throughput, use it for big jobs

3 Choose

Glue Tabs

  • Select tab shaped like dent
  • Tab must be smaller than crowns(highs) of dent
  • Use rigid tabs on shallow dents
  • Use flex tabs on deep dents
  • If Body lines present in dent, select tab shaped like body line
  • Ice tabs are strongest, blue tabs flex a bit & tougher

Pull Tools


4 Coat

  • Fill surface of the glue tab
  • Place lightly on the panel
  • Wait for glue to solidify
  • Time changes with tab type, temperature.

5 Correct

Pull the Lows

Knockdown the Highs

6 Continue

Sanding, Filling, and Painting!

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