Dentcraft Tools

Dentcraft Tools produces a full line of one of the highest quality dent removal tools in the United States. The tools are manufactured in Oklahoma City and known worldwide for their impressive products. Dentcraft is dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers. Dentcraft repair tools with a diameter greater than 3/16” are backed with a lifetime warranty.  Dentcraft tools with a diameter smaller than 3/16” are backed by a one year warranty.
Push Tool Double Bend 24"

Dentcraft 24" Double Bend Interchangable Tip Rod with Tip (R4) - 1/2" Diameter (RDI24)


All push rods are manufactured with the highest strength composition. The Double Bend Rod is 24" and allows for various tips.

S Hook (SHKS)
Dentcraft Side Panel Hook Set (7 Pieces) (SPHST)
Dentcraft Metal Window Shield (M-WSHLD)
Dentcraft 3/16" Interchangable Bullet Tip (B3)
Dentcraft 1/4" Interchangable Round Tip (R4)
Dentcraft 1/8" Interchangle Round Tip (R2)
Dentcraft Wide Whale Tail Set (6 Pieces) (GWTST6)
Dentcraft Thin Whale Tail Set (5 Pieces) (WTST5)
Dentcraft Small Delrin Knockdown (BK-SMKD)
Dentcraft Large Tip Knockdown (LGKD)
Dentcraft 9 x 1" Window Wedge - Yellow (WDG)
Dentcraft 3" Interchangable Mushroom Tip (M48)